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Lighting Design

Rhodnie Desir Creations

Performers: Elisabeth-Anne Dorléans, Aurélie Ann Figaro, Jessica Gauthier, Gregory "Krypto" Selinger, James Viveiros​

Composer: Engone Endong

Costume designer: Vincent la Kuach

Rehearsal Director: Isabelle Poirier

Senior Artistic Consultant: Philip Szporer

Technical Director: Romane Bocquet

Agora de la Dance. Montreal, QC CA

MWON’D, steeped in Creole and French etymology – moun (human, being), world, mwen (me) and anmwe (distress cry) – is a call to lucidity in the face of the dichotomous actions that humans sculpt along their path. The work draws a parallel between the human body and the matter as a body. By matter we mean aluminum, in its processed form, ubiquitous in our daily lives and overexploited, and in its raw state and natural space (AL13). This ode to the intelligence of the environment gives rise, through the body, to an intimate dialogue between what unifies and opposes these pluralistic materials (malleability, oxydation, lightness, transmutation). At the heart of these questions lies accelerating the pace of climate change, to be addressed with urgency and mindfulness, in step with the teachings of nature.

In MWON'D, each element (sound, light, human, aluminum) is an essential voice aligned with the organicity of nature, and it takes place in a sculptural manner, thereby lending itself to a slow and deliberate look at the vulnerability of our being.

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