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Lighting Design - Technical Direction

Choreographers: Andrew Tay and Stephen Thompson


Performers: Francesca Chudnoff, Hanako Hoshimi-Caines, Cynthia Koppe, Sehyoung Lee, Andrew Tay, and Stephen Thompson


Set Designer: Dominique Pétrin

Toured in so far; Hamburg, DE; Münich, DE; Stockholm, S; Malmö, S; Seattle, WA USA; Portland, OR USA

In Make Banana Cry, six artists confront Western society’s perception of “Asianness” in a critical performance that reclaims, protests against, and subverts clichés. Sitting in the tension between identity and stereotypes, the performers continuously deconstruct cultural codes using an arsenal of randomly selected objects in an attempt to shake off the weight of violent representation and fetishization.

Make Banana Cry is a continuous barrage of body politics, a durational parade that contemplates the problematics of “universal” Western popular culture while drawing on the artistic background of each of the invited artists. Visual artist Dominique Petrin creates an immersive fake museum “exhibition” as the container for the work, encouraging the public to consider the history of colonization within cultural institutions and museums.

- from Portland Institute Of Art Event Announcement 

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